1995, we had seen it all, Belgium held no more secrets for us, we had danced everywhere to everyone... It was time for us to spice up dance arenas abroad... and that is exactly what we did.

Tribal Gathering... mythical, mystical, legendary in its own time ... we just had to be there.

We all wanted to go, however “WE” did not all have transportation to get there ;-) so it was decided to organise a coach. Hell, the stars do it, why shouldn’t we?

So 6 May we set coach to Oxfordshire, never heard of before, never forgotten afterwards. The line-up was simply divine, everybody who had proven he or she could spin a record was there : Bandulu, Trevor Rockliffe, Luke slater, The Prodigy, 808 State, Darren Emerson, Orbital, Mixmaster Morris, Nick Warren, Plastikman, Air Liquide, Paul Oakenfold, Ltj Bukem, Jeff Mills, Dj Dag, ...

These are just a few of the names. Imagine 5 gigantic music arenas, where some 25.000 electronically crazed stompers all danced to the “Beat the Bill”-theme, this being the very first legal outdoor festival in the UK. It was absolute madness, unforgettable ...

Anything this brilliant had to be repeated. The very same year another rave coach was organised to a different venue of the Tribal Gathering extravaganza ... This time the setting was the old airport in Munich. This is when the Future Being Coaches, in cooperation with Magic Coach, became a fact.

Pretty soon Wouter’s obvious organisational skills become evident and international organisations such as ‘UNIVERSE’ and ‘Mean Fiddler asked him to work for them. WWB became their Belgian agent and organised ticket sales in Belgium for their respective festivals.

In 1999 saw the value of the British Pound skyrocketing, which was probably good news for our British chums, but it did mean that the all-in concept of ‘ticket-bus-boat’ had become too expensive. However, people are still asking about the possibility of organising another Rave Coach, destination ‘unknown but getting their in a jiffy’.

06/05/1995: Tribal Gathering, Oxfordshire
04/11/1995: Tribal Gathering, Munich
29/06/1996: Tribal Gathering, Luton Hoo
24/05/1997: Tribal Gathering, Luton Hoo
30/04/1999: Mayday, Dortmund
29/05/1999: Homelands, Hampshire
30/04/2000: Mayday, Dortmund
30/04/2001: Mayday, Dortmund
30/04/2002: Mayday, Dortmund
30/04/2003: Mayday, Dortmund
30/04/2004: Mayday, Dortmund