"Mayday 2003 :“TroopA Of Tomorrow” review by E"

A small Mayday review.

Just to follow the yearly tradition we left in Ghent with some other worms, after a visit to Quick to feed Gaston with some fish-burgers we started our trip to Dortmund.
Thanks to the scheisse weather (raining a lot) we arrived around 23h at the Westfalenhalle. We immediatly went to Point E to locate other Belgian party-nutters and of course wwb was humping around.

I wanted to hear Taucher so we went to Area 2, where he started at 23h30, a lot earlier than other years. The music in that hall was very loud, a lot louder than other years (it really hurt!), Taucher played a progressive trance set, stealing the show as usual, and I really enjoyed his set (didn't hear any known record which was nice for a change). After Taucher, time to enter the arena with Paul van Dyk, I was really curious, last year his set was influenced a lot by his mental state. He started of with some hard trance, he played his latest creation and he played some nice tunes. Biggest remark is that the sound of the arena was very loud and with a lot of echoes, so you had to stand in the center of the arena to have a good listening experience. Also there weren't that many people, the place wasn't crowded at all, and also a lot less ambiance that other years. The NU-NRG live-act was cool, they played Dreamland so we all went nuts (again :-)). Blank & Jones played like always, German trance. They played a trance rmx of Bedrock's Walking on fire, really liked it :-). After B&J it was time to take some rest and to enjoy the show by Bad Boy Bill from our seats. Boy, he can mix some records, but I was happy that he only had to play 1 hour, it would have become boring. We joined the rest of the worms in the center of the arena, to shake our booty and to jump our feet into destruction. Live act of Secret Cinema was superb: very hard, very loud, very Dallas :-) He played Timeless Attitude but not well known in Germany I believe because only us worms went bezerk, he also played a rmx of the old track by Meng Syndicate on Music Man (... clap your hands...). Jack de Marseille ruled the place, and we all enjoyed ourselfes.

The party ended for me when the biggest ass-DJ Mark Spoon take over the turntables, fucked up his first, second, third, fourth, ... mix. I really got irritated so I left before I threw some urine-filled bottles at this head.

So Mayday was nice, this will remain a yearly experience, just because we all were dancing in unity together.

And btw, please forget Mark Spoon next year. I have heard that he's coming to Cityparade this year. 1 tip: avoid him at all cost :-)



"Mayday 2003 :“TroopA Of Tomorrow”

review by Dark Raven"

I just reorganize my brain cells after an amazing night in Dortmund. My first Mayday experience was a blast!!

Like every year we went to are favorite letter-meeting point to meet some familiar faces. I wanted to have a look around first before throwing myself into the party-mass. So I had a walk in de hallway, that’s actually a big circle around the building. Imagine a shopping-maul with little shops, fries shops, bar's and every 100m a DJ. I gathered some supplies and I was now ready to enter Aladdin's cave of wonders.

And as soon I opened the door I could feel a shivering in my body, like Gery told me, the hair on your arms rise when you enter the main dance floor. An enormous arena filled with thousands of party-people, a pounding soundsysteem and the lights, haaaaa, the lights, one word, impressive!!

I'm not very good in who plays when what, but I must say that I was a bit disappointed about the music at first. It was all very trance and I'm sorry, I need some more heaver stuff to shake my hinny. But I decided to enjoy the atmosphere and the company of the people around me. The good thing is that DJ's only play for like an hour, so when you don't like a DJ, go to an other room and come back later. So I did, switching from one room to an other, but I still was disappointed in the music, I heard some very bad mixing, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to long break in a track (but I think the Germans like that no?...) And that’s a pity because I think the music is the importanted thing when you organize a big thing like Mayday. Yeah I know, like I said to Lisa and Pascal, we are so spoiled when It comes to good DJ's ;)

And than it happened, around 4AM the music chanced into "vettige" Techno beats, shaky tones and in like a couple of minutes the dancehall changed into a club. Sexy people, sexy moves, good atmosphere and everybody screaming and jumping and shaking. I was in heaven.:))) Good thinking of Mayday, big names in the beginning for the tourist of Mayday, the good stuff later for the real party animals.

So what do I think of Mayday, Very well organist, very friendly staff, the security on the other hand are like a bunch of trained aggressive monkey's, ok, I had no luck with the security... It began at the entrance, I don't know why, but everybody of are group had like a little drugs-check, I an the other hand had les luck.

He made a fuzz about my "blaadjes" and started shouting like an SS-er "where's your drugs". I said I had none (witch was true, except for some weed hidden safely.) An other guy calmed him down and I could enter. Later that night I entered the toilet to cool down a bit, when I hear banging on the door. Aufmachen!!! Aufmachen!!! (For a moment I felt like Ann Frank) I opened the door and tree, (3!!)Security guys pushed me against the wall, legs spread and what do they found, that little bit of weed. The called the head of the security to have a look. "What's that he said to the tree security guy's, some weed, you call me for some stupid weed" I was very amused, and I cold go. I know these guy's are just doing there job and blablabla, but please!!! Pick up people who deal pills or other stuff and throw them out, I understand that. But I had just some weed and they treaded me like a drugadict.

But part from that, It was one hell of an experience. I have bin partying for quit some time now, and this was something completely new for me. Big Hugh to everybody I saw, thanks for the nice party!! And now I'm gonna go back to bed, because tomorrow is moving day :))))

Ciao, Peter aka Dark Raven

"Mayday 2003 :“TroopA Of Tomorrow”

review by G"

I send my last mails around 6.15 yesterday, and today I received some replies on those mails all saying "not going to Mayday, G ?" :) Fuck, I'm glad I didn't miss this year's edition. Lots of people stayed home this year, well : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Poor sods ...

We entered the circus and immediately headed for the E meeting point, where WWB was already shaking his ass on the tunes of some hallway DJ. Initially with 13 persons, DJ E and 2 friends, Sas, Sas's sister, Kurt 604, Wendy, the White Bumfellow, Dark Raven, Pieter, Lisa and me, we lost half our party in the crowd in those first 15 minutes ... Mayday had started :)

LOWER BODY PART TONING EXERCISE Our first dance floor experience ... Chris Liebing. He did the same as last year, only since he now played earlier ( midnight or so ), his set didn't go all the way. Nice warm up dance of 50 minutes. I started by a series of 10 leg exercises, stretch, bend, up-down, and stretch. Up-two-three-four, Up-two-three-four. By means of the Mayday SPS, the unique Mayday Sound Positioning System, we had established a dance floor meeting place, at the intersection of the sound waves of 2 speakers ... As it happens this also meant standing in the focus point of one hell of a water-cooled laser. I accidentally caught a light beam with my pupil and saw Alpha Centauri for 20 minutes. Not that I minded at that time :) And who popped up out of a mass of 30K People ? Der timeless ! :) Nice appearance, a class act ! You're the David Copperfield of Mayday.


Then : Members of Mayday ! The same set over and over each year. The same sounds, the same built up, the same act. MoM is an anchor point in time, a point of comparison, it's like the meridian of Greenwich of the electronic music scene. Long after civilization will have stopped, each year, on May 1st, a stage will appear out of nothing and upon it Mom will take place. So I took the cosmic standard that is MoM and balanced verything that I heard since the last Mayday against it. As Peter said "Imagine they would do a d'n'b here, with this crowd". Introspection, I love it.
Then : de Polle. Polle van Dyk, our friend from East Germany. I had troubles respecting the training schedule I had drawn up, since de Polle aimed undoubtedly for my upper body parts. But the power of mind prevailed over the siren's call Polle send into the giant, stretched, hollow hall of moving skin and flying sweat drops, and I managed to keep my arms at ease. Good set, amaai, I am not into trance, but this warm sound Polle evoked was really inspiring. I had feared it would have been too popular, but he managed to bring a "classic" sounding, yet lovely set. Polle = quality !
Next : Nu NRG, DJ E was enthusiast, so so was I. Nice inspiring set, it managed to keep my attention ( not easy for an ADHD kid like me ) but it lacked the drive to keep me dancing. By now my lower body parts were all warmed up, so time for a cool down period.


After Chris Liebing, Mom, Polle and Nu NRG, the Trance massive got what it came for I think. Blank and Jones and some live act with a female singing. I'm sorry, but I really can't dig Blank and Jones. So I concentrated on greeting other Belgians there : dOm, Filip, Rigo, Erwin B, and the countless others whose names are stored in the 50% of my brain that is still waking up.

Danced a bit in the hallway, ate some fries ( 2.5 E for fries, and they were really ok ), fooled around a bit with some Germans who made a giant hat out of posters, played a bit with my Michael Jackson Billy Jean party pack, hiihiiiiiiiiii, ... You know the drill by now :-D

Met Vanno on the dancefloor, next year buy yourself a map, dude.


3.40 AM. Vanguard. Good set, but nothing special. The perfect warm up for Bad Boy Bill. Up-two-three-four, shakethatass, Up-two-three-four, shakethatass. From now on, it would only go uphill. Der Slechte jungen Bill plays a real wikkid style. If you would know of some sets, I'd really like to hear him once more. Nifty technique, funky basslines. This is supercharged material. And I couldn't help myself thinking that Filip DP would set the mass on fire in the same way : a no-rest-for-the-wikkid basslines, some funky schmerz on top of that and the occasional break or nasty effect to provoke a shout of 2 from the 15000 throats. Boojaka boojaka !

Secret Cinema did the best set I heard them play so far. I have tried to identify how come every artist seems to lay down their best sets in the main hall of Mayday, maybe it's just in the ear of the beholder, but I think the energy in that hall makes every needle drop into the right groove, makes every knob twitch that bit more accurate and in time. Tech house, the sound system, the laser, the lights, the thousands and thousands of people, the total absence of silence and calm, the darkness and moving, the energy, the waving arms, the smiling faces, by now I was lost in the belly bottom of total bliss, total absence of self. Secret Cinema had brought me there, on a carriage of smoothing sounds, resting me assured that all was well, that it was meant to happen.

Jack De Marseille. Wow, I can't really remember a single track he played, except for "Jesus loves the Acid". At that exact moment my eyes fell on Vanno, if he would have changed there and then in a salt pillar, and we would have put that pillar on a pedestal, we could have called the statue "total happiness" :-D From now on, as a tribute to Jack, I'll only wash myself with Marseille soap. What tunes ! He completely catches the drive of the dance floor, tuned in, sneaked into the collective dancing mind and lead it to nowhere and beyond in a golden spaceship. Warm, catchy, funky, play this set to George Bush and he would have never gone to war. Total party ! He's a master of communicating with the audience, and you can hear he's a friendly bloke through his music. I heard him before already, and I must say I didn't listen too well, since this is one of those rare DJs who succeed in putting their personality into their music. He was there to party, not to do his job, that was clear. And it was clear to the full Mayday massive, since party we did. Jack your body !


Mark Spoon, OK I guess, but I had to release some steam and sit down for a while, since by now my body temperature had risen to 43° Celsius. I baked some eggs on my forehead, sold them for 2 E a piece and bought some more Vodka/Red Bull with the money. In the course of the evening I had found a friendly lady who mixed my Vodka’s thus : take 1 potion of vodka. Add Red Bull. Then fill up the remaining ( empty ) part of the cup with more Vodka until the cup runs over. I had said to her earlier there wasn't much vodka in her mixes, and she took the right corrective actions to ensure total customer satisfaction. Mayday personnel : a 10/10 for effectiveness and friendliness. As usual, the organization seemed flawless to me. Yes, dOm, even the cloak room delivered a perfect service ! Anyway, Der Hilda ( that was her name ) war ganz grosshartig ! Fur seine Belgischen freunden hat sie etwas special gemacht ! Jaja ! [Michael Jackson Billy Jean shout] Hiiihiiiiii !


Brazilian techno ! Sambaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Laaaaa Laaaaa Laaaa laaa laaa laaala laaaaaaaaaa ! Close your eyes. Imagine standing outside in a narrow warm exotic street, filled with people dressed half naked, their suntanned skin decorated with flowers. Add to this image some piercings, some tattoos, some fluo accessories and smiling faces. All these people are dancing in a Dirty dancing kind of way, but without the vulgarity, shaking their hips, moving their limbs, eyes closed. Now add here and there on the dancefloor an up-and-down jumping guy ( one looks vaguely like Vanno ). The air is filled with a warm summer breeze, the moon's light and the light of thousand colored lampions (?) cover everything in a warm glow. The music ! The music ! Hip shaking exotic bambambam techno. Die hard with an exotic vengeance. Dero, I love you. Man oh man, this had the warmth and samba football like feeling of a Lady Lite jungle set, combined with the raw energy of a Sickboy breakcore power demonstration, yet packed in "simple" 4X4 beats, nothing fancy, keep it real, keep it simple. His set might even be appealing to the Sunday afternoon Samba dance school in Zwevezele. Oh yeah, it sounds innocent, exotic, lalalaaa, until the music grabs you by the ass, you just can't stop shaking it, 15000 asses with a mind of their own, shake it baby ! Going to the toilet took 15 minutes in stead of the usual 2, since everywhere you passed people, you had to stop and dance along, feel the warmth of their skin, total party bliss.


Moguai. After Dero there's only blank. A total disfunctioning of mind, body and soul. Stairs, cold stairs to cool down my hips. And vodka/red Bull of course :-)
Moguai did a good job, and I think we must have left around 9.15 or so. My back hurts, I have that typical after Mayday sizzle in my ears, I can't stand silence, I can't stand not focusing on something in particular, since otherwise I see the absence of movement.

It has been good. The Dero set will be put in my memorabilia closet for later reference. As will the Jack De Marseille set. Dero and Jack DM, maybe something for Festivibe ?

Cheers to Lisa, Dark R, the White Buffalo, Wendy and especially Pieter for driving us home safely. I love you all. G


"Mayday 2003 :“TroopA Of Tomorrow”

review by Timeless "


Pfewww… finally recuperated after an extremely tiring party in Dortmund.

I’m gonna keep it short, because most things already have been said.

For the first time I went with Wouter’s bus. Besides the fact that it took ages to get there, it was a very safe way of traveling.

Heard some good and some very bad music on the bus. But the company was great.

Arrived when Takkyu Ishino was playing… not memorable. We sat in the tribune for a while and enjoyed the sight.

It’s a pretty amazing lightshow and the sea of people is breathtaking.

Lexy & K. Paul live was awfully bad (the guitar riff of Sisters of Mercy was cheap).

Then came Westbam. He disappointed me a bit… playing mostly (mind the expression) guitar-techno, which isn’t my thing.

2Raumwohnung sucked big time.

But then came our “freund aus Frankfurt” ! Chris Liebing is THE bomb. Although a little early programmed, he delivered some great tunes and mixes. Banging hard!

After MoM came Paul Van Dijck. Like Dj E already said, there was something wrong with the balance. If you weren’t positioned near the centre of the dancefloor, it sounded like Polle was fuckin’ up his mixes. Because the place wasn’t packed as the years before, it was doable dancing in the centre.

At the end of Nu NRG, who played an ok set, I went to room 2 (yes, yes… I actually LEFT the main room) to check the Kompakt DJ’s. Reinhard Voigt had to play live. I own a lot of his records, which are a mixture of Hakan Lidbo-Thomas Brinkmann-D.Diggler-kinda trax… I came in when Michael Mayer still was playing his set… Oh how I like that Cologne Techno!!!

Mister Voigt his set was a-m-a-z-i-n-g… always building up with one simple sound.

The soundsystem in that room was way too loud, so after the live-act I went back to the main room to see the last of Vanguard.

From then on it was pure bliss: dancin’ with our little worms-community. In a 20 meters vicinity there were always recognizable faces. Every five minutes Vanno and myself checked if the other one knew the track that was playing, which most of the time we didn’t.

The music was mostly great…Bad Boy Bill did a great job, playing some nice, pounding tunes.

I even thought Marc Spoon did a better job than all the years before, although his mixes itself lacked inspiration. The Blake Baxter tune in the end was great!

Like Gery said… the most surprising act was Dero…a Brazilian dude who didn’t beatmix. He let the melodies of two trax flow into each other, which was very special. He played one tune which started as typical salsa, but went over in a hard techno track.

(damn it’s difficult to explain all this).

Moguai was ok… but my back started to hurt, my knee was sleeping…

O ne strange thing… It was already 5 am before Hofmann noticed he was still wearing his pullover. After he had put it half an hour round his waist, somebody nicked it. He found out, went looking for it… and found it back!

Ok, that was it for this year… the countdown has begun!

Greetz and have a nice weekend!

Timeless (aka the David Copperfield of Mayday????:-))) )


"Mayday 2003 :“TroopA Of Tomorrow”

review by BoogieBoy"

Boogieboy's Mayday Experience...

Wow, I finally rebalanced my energy...

In one line: Mayday was great :-)

As I usually don't care who is playing I usually stroll a bit around until I hear something nice and then I freak out. When it starts to get boring, I move to the next place. So I have to take a lineup to check who I heard *grin*

Anyway, as the bus was a little bit late, we only arrived after 9pm. We then lost a *lot* of time at the entrance, mostly because of the ill-placed "dranghekkens" which created a lot of choke points. It was file-aanschuiven at its worst.

When I finally got inside I immediately (that is, after finding my way as I always miss the entrance to the second hall) headed to the viva section (I'm not a big fan of Takkyu Ishino so I avoided the main room).

The first act I remember there was Marco Remus, which was a nice warmup (bonk bonk bonk). Next came Tok Tok vs. Soffy O, which was not great, but as live acts are always very short at the Mayday, I simply used that time to cool a bit down and to fetch a drink. Miss Yetti was great, so I could spend a lot of my energy again. Autotune started a bit weird, but became a nice live act. Next came Koze, which I found boooring, so I headed to the main room.

At that time, Blank & Jones were playing. It was a very nice set. However, the bass level in the main room was way to high, which made the basses feel like shockwaves. Perhaps next time I'll get ear plugs. Vanguard was a nice live act. Bad boy bill was a great set. Secret Cinema was also a great set.

As my ears were almost shattered by the basses, I moved back to the third area where Housemeister was playing the final set for that room.

It was great.

After that set, it was time to cool a bit down, so I headed to the Elevator booth in section A of the corridor. There it was great to dance watching the varied (to say the least ;-)) people stroll by. At around 9am, I went back into the main room for the final section: Moguai, which was great. I then finally met G, Wendy and Vanno ;-)

At 9:30, the party was over for the WWB crew, so I headed back *running* to the bus (I still had much energy left, they should make the Mayday last 20 hours ;-))

As usual, I simply didn't feel tired, even without taking any chemicals :-)

See you all next year. Same place, same time. And a *big* thanks to Wouter for organizing the bus trip.



"Mayday 2000 : “DATAPOP” review by Dominque"

Belravers present : Wired Flippie, WouterW, Peppie, Gery&Wendy, Erwin B, Erwin G&girlfriend, (sorry if I forgot somebody) This was my second visit so the surprise factor lacked somehow. The lack of big name dj's like dj Hell or Farley Jackmaster Funk was not an excuse for a boring lineup however. Lots of dj/acts proved to be pleasant (re)discoveries.

As usual these 12hrs+ marathons leave giant black holes into man's memory but nevertheless I'll try to fit the pieces thogether. The german 'classic' crew was a mixed affair : Paul Van Dyk and Westbam lived up to their reputation of party shakers flooding the Mayday dome with green neonlaserlight and similar electropian music.

The Members of Mayday remained a kind of interesting mystery to me with their DAT-jukebox of greatest hits without one musician on stage.

Marc Spoon embodied all the clichés of a big german pop dj with grotesque gestures, a blasé attitude and an uninspired set (Knights of the Jaguar should only be used to play at home by this time).

DJ Taucher was another incarnation of the unpredictable german taste, not able to make a difference between pop and grotesque. Last year he came on stage with a dracul'esque cape, this year he chose a mexican mariachi costume *with* samba balls. And oh yes : he's one of the bigstar dj's in Germany...

Other popular acts were more fun to watch. One hit wonder Zombie Nation's played a bland set with the purpose to make the crowd wait for the flash of "Kernkraft 400". I bet one day this record is going to be the national german football anthem, almost unhearable through the crowd's chanting along. Funny but impressive.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik was the biggest surprise. After 14 years they're still one of the ultimate jokes in pop history, yet spectacular in their baroque-punk costumes with a greatest hits medley in between two hard techno sets of Blank&Jones and Dj Dero.

Humate, author of the long forgotten "Love Stimulation" set the back room on fire with a hard technotrance set, building up to their well known 93 hit.

Dj Dero, a unknown Buenos Aires based DJ converted the main dome at 4am peak time into an argentinian stampede with a style of music one might call someday latino techno.

In the meantime Miss Kittin & Mikki B, two swiss DJanes, rocked the back room a second time with solid hard house bringing back sweet Strawberry Sundae experiences.

Mayday 2000 confirmed its reputation one more time. Where else can you experience the low and high ends of dance culture into a delirious environment of cutting edge sound&light technology while consuming bratwurst and jaegermeister-redbull. Mayday requires however some experience to skip the worst in order to find the best. Crossing borders between class, gender, color and taste indeed...


Mayday 2000 : “DATAPOP” review by Marc"

wow, great party (thank you Wouter!!!) Atmosphere was ok, DJ's (at least most of them) were ok, the crowd was ok... a very nice event :-)

Anyway, these were my impressions about the acts (the ones I attended):

- Hardy Hard: good

- Beroshima: good

- Takkytu Ishino: wow, this guy rocks...

- Zombie Nation: good

- WestBam: not bad, but a bit monotonic

- Paul van Dyk: very good set, but try to make a different number than "for an angel version 1024" because it becomes a bit boring otherwise.

- Member of Mayday: ok, better than last year, but not too special

- Humate: very good, but I hope they will not rely too much on "Love Stimulation" like PvD relies on FaA

- Miss Kittin & Mikky B: good

- S.S. Sputnik: boring

- Mijk van Dijk (does he has some relation to PvD?): not bad, but not very special either

- Marc Spoon: boy, this was a disappointment: not only was the set mediocre, but more importantly, I hate it when DJ's have to boast their ego with stopping the music and waiting for the crowd to shout, especially when they do it multiple times.

- Seb Fountaine: very good

- Dr Motte: very good

- DJ Lexy: very good. Too bad, I had to leave at 9am :-( I'll be there next Mayday, that's for sure :-) --Marc


Mayday 2000 : review by Erwin G."

Mayday.It's a hype, it's a religion, it's Mayday. Everybody knows it; everybody wants to go and a lot of people already went.

For me it was the first time, went to a lot of parties yet and 4 times to the Love Parade.

So I knew what to expect, but I didn't realize it was going to be a life-time experience.

For going to Mayday I joined the Mayday veteran: our dearest Gery. We left @ 18h Sunday evening and after a pitstop @ Quick we drove to the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund.

Arrived there @ 21.30, a bit early I thought. Very easy to get in, almost no queueing. But when I saw the main arena, I was impressed. All those people dancing, shouting and smiling. Everybody, I repeat everybody was dancing. Great people, friendly, energetic, ....

The music: great sound, superb installation, everywhere you stand, it was in stereo !!!!!!!! The lights: heaven, lasers and the usual stuff, installed a moveable bridges, ...

The DJ's: will comment only on those I've heard ;-)

Takkyo Ishino: heared only the last half hour, techno, good records

Zombie Nation LIVE: we all know this tune and it was a bomb in the arena, people went insane, they went zombies who can only dance and shout

Westbam: mixture of electro and techno, mixed perfectly.

Unknown deejays in the hallway: great music; great for chilling out

Paul van Dyk: FANTASTIC, unbelievable energetic, I kept on smiling the whole night because of this man who played trance of course but great trance and the people went again more insaner than they were.

All the deejays were dancing behind their turntables !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Members of Mayday LIVE: great live-act and was very appreciated.

Taucher: more show than deejaying, the volume was very quiet in this hall, was dressed as drag-cowboy, climbed on the lights, trying to kill himself I think

Humate LIVE: goa-trance I think, they ended with Love Stimulation that has put me on fire (again ;-))

Blank & Jones: good trance, mixing was not that good

Sigue Sigue Sputnik: I entered the hall and everybody was running to get away ;-) so very good !!!!

DJ Dero: South-American deejay, played very rithmic techno, a lot of old recycled retro-tracks; played hard, like the deejays 4 years ago in Belgium

Mijk van Dijk: this used to be trance, changed to chaotic techno-noise, not good

Mark Spoon: this is one pile (and this is a lot) of shit: mixing 0% skills, fucking up records: 100%, annoying me and a lot of people: 1000%. Always wanting people to shout and clap their hands and they did it, kick this guys ass. No bookings in Belgium please. He ended with Knights of The Jaguar.

Seb Fontaine: hard house, nice but not my cup of thea.

And than it was enough for me. Arrived home @ 13h Monday without sleep.

DJ's before a live-act weren't asked to stop, somebody just turned the power of the turntable off. We can't have something like this in Belgium !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greeting to all those friendly Belravers there: Gery, Wendy, Erwin B, Peter, Dominique and friends, wouter wwb, Peppie and all those I forgot. RESPECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NP: Paul van Dyk: Essential Mix E


"Mayday 99 : “SOUNDTROPOLIS” review by Gery"

We'll have to wait for the earth to make another turn around the sun to enjoy next year's Mayday. And this really makes me depressed, since this year's Mayday was one of the best ever.

Asskicking sets by Paul Van Dijk, Takkyu Ishino, Blank&Jones and the 3 unknown DJ's in the corridor around the main hall ( under the D ) who were making publicity for LoveNation. Not asskicking but legends in their own time : Tyree Cooper ( a-a-acid a-a-a-acid a-a-acid thundeeer ) and Farley Jackmaster Funk ( I saw him, Wouter, he played for 2 hours, so).

I saw weird evileyed gnomes with grey hair ( or was this John Travolta without his high heels ;-) ) , a guy with poolsized pupils in a red shirt, a blond artyfarty fotographer who was very professionally taking pictures for Outsoon and last but not least all the unknown guys and gals whom I talked to, in the true spirit of love, peace and understanding.

Best moment : at 9H30 I was dancing in the parking, with my carstereo on, and some 6 germans joined me. Dancing in the sun, it was a rush. I even offered them some Simpson cookies.

( Beware of these mythical candy delights ) :-G, out for another year.


"Mayday 99 : “SOUNDTROPOLIS” review by Marc"

Oef, finally I can call me "alive" again :-)

Anyway... great party... wow :-)

Here is a list of my impressions on the acts I saw...

- Frank Muller: very good

- DJ Hell: only average... I thought he would perform better

- Bad Boy Bill: great

- Way Out West: great

- Paul van Dyk: awesome

- Members of Mayday: boring

- Jason Nevins: good

- Mr X & Mr Y: overhyped, boring They called that a "live act" but I only saw a scratching DJ (Y) and an obnoxious MC (X).

- Takkyu Ishino: great

- Miss Kittin & the Hacker: boring

- P. Blank & J. Jones: great

- Marc Spoon: great

- Hardy Hard: great... but it was time to leave :-( I missed Seb Fountaine simply because I was at that time unable to find the gate to the second stage... I think my mind was a bit to cloudy after the set of Paul Van Dyk (and no, I didn't take anything illegal ;-))

It was the first time I went to Mayday, so I can't compare to previous sessions :-)

Finally: THANX WOUTER !!!



"Mayday 99 : “SOUNDTROPOLIS” vs. I LOVE TECHNO review by Meta-K"

Hi belravers that not only sit dissing dj's behind their monitors, but conduct pioneering scientific research in the field! Hi Filip, Gery, Peter, Wouter, Peppie...

This year's edition of Mayday, Soundtropolis, had a laugh with all stereotypes that rule 'intellectual' discussion on House music. Remember the thread on commercial and underground music on this list: Tyree Cooper, Chicago legend, jammed 'King of my Castle' in his set; Farley Jackmaster Funk, one of the Original Creators, had great fun in pumping Faithless through the PA and made me go completely berserk with some well-known Ibiza trance stomper; guess it was 'three drives on a vinyl' (Greece 2000 or so?) So far for the backroom that could have been fuller!

In the meantime, some 30.000 arms or so kept going up and down in the big hall where Paul Van Dyck played his dreamy stuff. It could have been a bit rougher for me, a message that Westbam understood very well in the end. Aah....and the light, the decoration, the video projections...At times, Mayday felt like a mattress megastore where you could just fall down and land softly, as a baby in your mothers arms. At other times, you were sitting in the underground and moving from station to station, guided by the dj's who where behind the weels. In all, it was a ride through a fairly tale country, where ravers dress in colors that never existed before, where piercings shine and frenzied bodies jack. And of course: the Sound. Absolutely the best sound in the world. Add to that the wooden dancefloor, and even the most transparant beat makes you move automically. Mayday, we love you! Maybe the music wasn't as special as last year electro bash, but what the hell...I've seen the Landscapes of Hope resurrecting again.

Saturday evening and time to move to Belgium's biggest rave: I love techno. I had the impression that there weren't too many people. I was prepared for the low ceiling, the grey concrete floor and the not- so-good sound system, but what struck me most, was the audience: every one on sleeping pills! Kevin Saunderson had dropped one too, I think. Nevertheless, there was a lot of interaction on a micro-level: if you started dancing somewhere, all your neighbours woke up and a small party started. Ian Pooley (live) was not as funky as I knew him as a dj; Cassius played some adult techhouse music that really got me going. I don't know much about the other rooms: a lot of college techno in the red room; and I totally forgot about the blue room since Jan Van Biessen got my full attention!

Hmm...the Rave Spectacular is something that is difficult to establish in Belgium. But one thing's for sure: if ILT wants to meet the standards set at raves like Mayday, they should move to another location. And take the *techno* thing not so serious: there's life beyond techno. Remember Farley Jackmaster Funk, cutting up a happy trance tune with old school Reference music (the House that Jack build)...

Tchau, Meta-K.



"Mayday 98 : “SAVE THE ROBOTS” review by Meta-K"

Mayday 1998 was fantastic. No 'type rave-FM' cheesy stuff anymore but collective chemical madness on upfront beats and bites. Crossing borders between gender, nationality, colour and age coming closer to hardcore Utopia.

It's Monday and I'm still puzzled by Mayday's massive mind fuck-up. I was prepared for meta-transitions, but did not expect that Mayday would reveal the true identity laid down in my genes: Ich bin ein Deutscher.

Before midnight, nothing much was going on in the main arena (cap. 20.000 or so). OK, Hardfloor chanted they were still alive (reminded me a bit ironically at GBH's 'Punk's not dead at all'), but I fled to the lovely House backroom (cap. 3000 or so) where SebBo and Zurich-based GoGo treated us on some incredibly fresh and kinky house. The night really set in for me when my pulse started galopping on a 'When Doves Cry' remix, liberating the abundant sexual energy in that particural room. Everything went hazy for some time, leaving me with the impression that this dj programmed subliminal messages in his tracks to get as many girls in their bra as possible.

At midnight, I thought the time had come to switch the bra-factor formula for some serious stuff. Down the main area, dj Assault did their electrobass thing, giving the kids a lesson in turntable techniques. Great opportunity to get down fast and low, for a change. This was art for adults, not your regular kindergarten 'beef in brooklyn' hiphop stuff that I'm so sick off.

Denki Groove? Yeh, it had me thinking how you called a man with the body of a horse, but it really didn't go any further. I think you would run very hard for this Japanese (?) screaming horsemen if you were sober. Anyway, it provided a nice break for Westbam. The pistol man proved excellent, passionate, charismatic, ecletic and fun. Can't remember any of the tracks he played, but it really electrocked. Temperature in the main hall was rising, the air was full of arms and lasers and smoke; welcome in flashland.

At 2:30, members of Mayday came on stage, tearing the roof off with their famous break in 'sonic empire'. Yeeaaah! E for me and electro! They played more music buried down in mankind's collective consciousness. It will come back one day. I'm playing right now their latest 'Save The Robots' and that was on too. Wow, wish I was back there, amongst that mass of partying Germans.

No Jeff Mills or Carl Cox this year, but Dave Angel instead. Not strong enough to handle a Mayday, so I drum'n'bassed myself to the back room - yeaah - for some fucking speedgarage. Tuff Jams Karl Brown played the very best speedgarageset I've ever heard - fatter than the Space men in Ibiza, bassier than the Dreem Teem, funkier than the London stuff. He managed to get all the classics thru - Hold your head up high; Free; but with an additional black bassgroove that black dj's (Cox; Saunderson; May) seem to monopolize. Add to this the superattitude of the audience, the wild dancing and the abundance of social interactions...heaven.

Around 4:30 am now, and listening to Mark Spoon in the big hall. Remember nothing. Acid, right?

Around 5, another live, kung fu-looking guys with drums. Oeh! Oeh! Uh! Orinoko was the name and but it was not my game.

I flew back to the house room for Woody, former resident of E-werk (closed last year). Drove me close to insanity with an infinite array of supergroovy tracks ranging from melancholic electro (I-F) to the majestic 'Not everyone understands house music. It is a spirtual thing'. The atmosphere was so good I had difficulties leaving for Mr. X & Mr. Y's special at 6:30 in the main room. In the beginning, I held Mr. Y almost for James Brown, but then I was told it was that motherfucking Afrika Islam. Jesus, I didn't recognize him, with his fat ass. The scratching and stuff was impressive but lacked content.

From 7 to 10, we played man-machine in the main hall with some thousands other nutters. The soundtrack became a blurry mix of 808/909 ryhtm patterns mixed up with easy melodies, the vision became pixelized, the word was love (Adamski and Prince's Kiss), the feeling rave (utsh utsh utsh). Time for weird contacts, like strange people wanting to shove down tabs in your mouth; time for smiles to people you've been dancing with ten hours before; time for yourself and eternity.

In short, great music, fantastic technology and very nice people coming together in some kind of Utopia. This is what raving is all about: generating visions of a better world. Not in the soft-boiled hippie version, but in 90's hardcore settings.




"Mayday 98 : “SAVE THE ROBOTS” review by GERY & WENDY"

Wow ! Those clouds from the windows start up screen get a whole new dimension after a Mayday night out.


Minimal techno, electro. Nice set on 4 turntables by "Mr X and Mr Y" aka DJ dVs.... euhm, I mean aka Derek de Large and Westbam. Good lives by Orinoco ( drummachines enhanced with live percussion ). There was even a "golden oldies set" with the original Mayday anthem and some tracks from the first two Mayday compilations. A bit of a bummer was Marc Spoon. No real atmosphere cuz he played the whole time a kind af would be Kraftwerk but without the strength of the original timeless tracks. I heard a lot of classic electro in between tracks : Malcolm X, Roxanne Shante, We are the robots and computerworld by Kraftwerk. Lots of 92-93 tracks ( Frank De Wulf, Eye-Q, TZ5 ). HipHouse revisited ( Tyree, Mr Fingers ).

Second room was a drum and bass place, but due to the presence of 3 MC's not my kind of stuff. Room 3 went for classic hardtrance, techno. Great music, but of course not the atmosphere of the real arena.

After last year Mayday got it's original strength back : ahead in time ! We are the future. A massive celebration of unity amongst people of all kinds, races and beliefs.